FetLife to WordPress eXtended RSS (WXR) Generator

This tool creates a WordPress export file from a FetLife user account. In other words, it exports your FetLife content in a format that makes other computers believe you were blogging with WordPress rather than FetLife. That's really useful because it offers an easy way to import your FetLife Writings and Pictures to any WordPress blog, such as a free one hosted at WordPress.com. It also makes things easier if you want to import your content from FetLife to a different blogging platform, because you can easily convert a WordPress export file to another format, like a Blogger BlogSpot export file, too.

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Enter your FetLife connetion details and I’ll make a WordPress import file for you.

If you need to use a proxy to connect to FetLife, enter its URL here. Otherwise, leave this blank to make a direct connection. Use the special value auto to automatically configure a proxy.

Although it still might work if you leave the "Proxy URL" field, below, blank, you currently DO NEED TO USE A PROXY because FetLife has blocked this tool from making direct connections. (Why? No, wait, What do you mean blocked?) You can alternatively download and install this tool on your own computer or website.

The following websites provide lists of proxies you're welcome to try to use:

Google may also know about more lists of free proxies you can try. :)